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    Mugs for your Grandparents

    Mugs for your Grandparents

    Are there already plenty of mugs in your grandparents’ kitchen cupboard? Then why not go for a gift that is different and thoughtful but also a beautiful religious reminder of their faith? This Ninety Nine Names of Allah photo frame is the perfect gift for your grandparents’ home – a timeless gift that will definitely be loved and appreciated for many Eids to come.

    Social Media Anxiety (self diagnosed)!

    Social Media Anxiety (self diagnosed)!

    I'm unsure how often we 'should' post on social media. It's crazy to think we live in a world now where, to make our businesses a success we have to be 'active' on all social media platforms. I mean what does active even mean? Is it once a week, is it daily, is it a few times a day?  I try to post daily but to be honest, trying to come up with new and fresh posts everyday can become a nightmare and a full time job.  Ask any business owner, social media is a job in it self!

    There are social media companies now popping up everywhere, willing to take on this task for you for a small fee, however I am a control freak and I worry that this person I hand this job over to may not get 'it', get exactly what I want, I like or the message I want to give in the right way. And let's face it, if something is posted in error, you can guarantee, it will be shared very very quickly by which time the damage has been done. Please be assured, I am not discouraging anyone from approaching such companies and I am sure they do a fab job, after all they are the experts!

    Besides, lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet. We are a million miles away from where we want to be in our business before we hand over anything to anyone.  We take pride in our company and Alhumdulillah are very lucky that every job is completed in-house, from designing, to printing, to packing to shipping.

    Let us know your thoughts on how often we should post or if you are a business owner, how often do you post?

    Now to go back to my chai and samosas 

    Sleep Checklist for Adults and Children

    Sleep Checklist for Adults and Children

    Sleep Checklist, Ideal for all ages!

    So, at every event we give out the handy sleep checklist for FREE and we did the same again at the Muslim Lifestyle Expo at Event City (Manchester) this weekend gone! And as ever, they were popular both with parents and children!

    This convenient and user friendly sleep checklist highlights 8 things to do before going to sleep each night and serves as a reminder for both adults and children. There truly is nothing better than ending your day in the remembrance of Allah SWT.

    Getting our children into these regular habits from a young age will instill this habit in them for the rest of their lives Insha'Allah. These 8 actions are short and such powerful deeds which don't take much time at all and are truly beneficial in helping us to strengthen our Iman (faith) and help us to protect ourselves from shaitaan (satan).

    It is our duty as parents to spend time with our children at bedtime to ensure our children incorporate these acts into their daily actions and hopefully by doing so, we can encourage them to do the same with their children!

    Share your pictures with us via social media and with your friends and family.....we would love to see them in use!